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Steam Works

Steam Cleaning & Detailing

Commercial & Residential



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Restaurant Hood Cleaning

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Exterior Cleanings

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Interior Cleaning

Restaurant Hood Cleaning,
Kitchen Equipment Detailing.

Patio & Sidewalk Steam Cleaning,
Building Exterior Power Washing,
Window Washing, Awning Cleaning, And Graffiti Removal

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Kitchen Equipment Detailing, High Dusting and Bar Deep cleaning. 

About Us

About Steam Works

Travis, Our Tucson-Born Founder: Embracing his local community spirit and insights from the corporate restaurant world, Travis launched Steam Works in 2007. His mission was to transform the cleaning industry by combining exceptional customer care with stringent health and safety standards.


Our Comprehensive Services: With over 25 years of industry experience, Steam Works excels in offering a variety of services including Tucson janitorial services, detailing, and power washing in Tucson and surrounding areas. Utilizing premium Landa steam cleaning equipment, we deliver unparalleled cleaning results, using the latest water reclaimed technology to recycle and reuse water.  Our commitment extends to helping restaurants and businesses maintain immaculate conditions, contributing to overall customer satisfaction and adherence to fire codes.

Our Multifaceted Approach: At Steam Works, we believe in more than just cleaning services – we're dedicated to creating safe, inviting spaces for businesses and their clients. Guided by Travis's vision, our team combines technical expertise with a heart for the community, offering janitorial and cleaning services that go beyond expectations.

Our Promise: We stand by our promise to provide meticulous cleaning, detailed power washing, and comprehensive janitorial services. Trust Steam Works to not only clean your space but also enhance it, reflecting our deep-rooted values of community and quality.

Discover the Steam Works difference, where top-notch cleaning, community focus, and diverse services like janitorial, detailing, and power washing in Tucson come together.

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Our clients love our service!

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March 9, 2023.


Such a great company to work with. They do an amazing job cleaning our hoods

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